Noz 17

Noz 17

Edomae Omakase
Junichi Matsuzaki
Main Room at Noz 17

Tucked into the heart of downtown Manhattan, the counter at Noz 17, A Michelin-starred experience with only seven seats, transports guests into an ethereal space that is as much a performance as it is a meal. A dining experience at Noz 17 is the height of omakase: chef-driven and prepared in the Edomae style, this 25-course tasting menu brings guests on a journey through the far reaches of the traditional sushi palate.

Diners will watch as Chef Matsu san, a protegee who was trained by Chef Noz at our Michelin-starred companion restaurant, elegantly prepares each bite of this free-flowing menu that organically intertwines nigiri and otsumami. Our menu, which is built daily with seasonal ingredients imported from Tokyo, is crafted to satisfy and excite the most daring epicureans with the freshest, most authentic sushi outside of Japan.

Noz 17 Exterior, tucked away on West 17th St.

A night at Noz 17 offers a level of intimacy and luxury that ensures an unparalleled experience. As guests exit our dining room and step back out into the city, surrounded by the Highline, Chelsea Market, and the Whitney, they’ll undeniably find themselves changed by this uniquely transportive dining experience.

For those looking for a more intimate experience, Noz 17 also has a private counter with 4 seats, which can be booked through Tock or via email. This counter serves the same daily menu as the main room, with a private chef and dedicated waitstaff.

Noz 17 Private Dining Room, serving up to four guests per seating