Sushi Noz
Upper East Side

Sushi Noz

Upper East Side
Edomae Omakase
Nozomu Abe
The Hinoki Counter at Sushi Noz

Nozomu Abe's vision to create a superlative dining experience – memorable, intimate, elegant, and a feast for the senses – was inspired by childhood memories of extraordinary fish from his grandfather's seafood company in Hokkaido.

Thus, Sushi Noz was born. Conceived like an ancient Kyoto temple, it seeks to transport you to another world, where refinements of time and space are transformative and every moment can be treasured.    

Waiting Area at Sushi Noz: Ash Room in foreground, Hinoki Counter in background

The décor emulates the Sukiya-style of architecture with its delicate artistry, multiple varieties of cedar, and not a single nail used in the traditional woodwork joinery. A traditional hinoki ice-chest refrigerator complements  the centerpiece of the dining room: a 200-year-old hinoki wood sushi bar. Every subtle aesthetic feature is designed to evoke harmony and a sense of well-being.

Iwashi (Sardine) nigiri at the Hinoki Counter

We invite you to think of sushi preparation as a performance, and our counter as the stage. We welcome you as our audience, to watch as our leading actor, Nozomu-Abe, swiftly and expertly prepares each mouth-watering course for you.