Noz Market
Upper East Side

Noz Market

Upper East Side
Edomae Omakase & Temaki
Shige Sugano
Sushi Counter at Noz Market

Noz Market is a slice of Toyosu on the Upper East Side. Inspired by the renowned fish markets of Japan, Noz Market offers an exceptional selection of fresh, butchered fish flown over daily from Japan. Guests of the market will find our counter stocked with prime cuts prepared by our chefs who have been trained by Chef Noz at our flagship restaurant, Sushi Noz. From wild-caught salmon and tuna to Japanese Uni and scallops from Hokkaido, our market has everything for those looking to take the Noz experience home.

Temaki Bar at Noz Market

In addition to our butcher, Noz Market offers a wide selection of traditional Japanese fare, including handrolls, maki rolls, donburi, and bara-chirashi, as well as sushi and sashimi plates - all made to order by our world-class team of sushi chefs. We invite you to place orders to go or to sit and enjoy your meal in our cozy café space with a hand-crafted matcha latte.

Noz Market also features an outdoor dining space for guests looking for a full-service experience. Our tables provide a calming oasis to enjoy a special, freshly prepared meal with the highest level of service. The a la carte menu allows guests to explore every aspect of Chef Noz’s culinary vision while tailoring the meal to their individual taste. While our sushi set, which features a chef’s selection of nigiri and maki along with our homemade miso soup, provides a curated meal for those looking to partake in a more omakase-style experience.

The ethos of Noz Market is to bring the finest available ingredients to our guests in the form that suits them best. Whether we supply you with a sit-down dinner for a special occasion, a handroll on the go, or a cut of fresh akami, we hope to share our passion for traditional sushi with you.